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Hey, readers! Here's a bit about one of my new sponsors, Nicole of Knit Nicole Knit! Enjoy! If you're interested in sponsoring A Wild Tonic, read about it here.

Mustard and Grey Cowl/Neck Warmer

A bit about Nicole:
My name is Nicole, and I've been knitting for about half my life. I live in Windsor, Ontario, and I love it here. I live with my boyfriend Richard, and our dog, Winston. I spend most of my free time knitting while doing other fun things. I knit while watching TV, I knit at the movie theatre, I knit in the car, on the city bus, on my breaks at work, and sometimes while waiting in line. That's where "Knit, Nicole, Knit!" came from. I'd have friends cheering me on when I was knitting particularly quickly if I had a deadline.

Sunshine Yellow Hand Knit Cotton Bangle Bracelet

What is Knit Nicole Knit?
I started an Etsy shop just under a year ago, and have made a few sales. I have mostly button earrings in there right now, because shipping from Canada can be a pain the the butt, not to mention, expensive. I have a few craft shows and such in the next couple weeks, but after that, I will be listing a bunch of new items. I am trying to get my hand knits into some brick and mortar stores, as well as sell more through Etsy.

Bright Red and Grey Button Earrings

Nicole's perfect day is..
My perfect day starts with a snuggle with Winston, and one with Richard. I'm up first, and I make some sort of tea, we usually have a dozen to choose from. I check my email and catch up on Twitter, and maybe read a blog post or two. Then, Rick gets up and starts making breakfast. I feed Winston while I wait. After breakfast, we both do our own thing for a little while. I start knitting, and he starts an episode of whatever TV series he's watching. Then we go out for lunch, often all you can eat sushi. When we get back home, we take Winston for a walk, and observe the idiosyncrasies of our neighbourhood. From the people jump starting their vehicle twice a week, to the people listening to terrible music at high volumes, the dogs that bark at everything and the dogs that just want to love everyone, songs we recognize pouring out of our friends window that live two buildings over, and everything else, it keeps us guessing at what will happen next. Once we are home, we spend some time together preparing dinner. After, we watch a movie, whether at home, or at the theatre. Then, we both read our blogs of choice on our laptops in bed, while listening to different bands we have discovered over the past months, and Winston snoring away at our feet.
They're not all this way, but many of them are! I'm so lucky to only have to work part time outside of the house.

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You can use the code "TONIC10" to receive 10% off in the Etsy shop.
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