thrifting with maria.

Maria and I went on another fun thrifting date last week. A lot of my friends enjoy thrift shopping, but none of them understand how to thrift like an Etsy seller as well as Maria does! We went to a diner for brunch, the headed over to our friendly neighborhood Goodwill for a bit. Maria wanted to take some outfit shots, so I photographed her. Then I spotted this cool car in the parking lot and needed to pose in front of it. Needed to. Can you blame me?

shirt: vintage, was my mom's | jeans: gap | shoes: flea market
BFF necklace: goodwill (matches Maria's) | purse: vintage coach station satchel


  1. Your look reminds me of my geeky college life.

  2. Thank you! That was a compliment, right? ;)

  3. Great outfit, great photo! Is that your car?

  4. can't blame you, that car is awesome! maybe one day we could meet up and go thrifting together.. we don't live that far from each other after all. :)

  5. That car is pretty sweet! I surely would have posed in front of it too. mHope you had fund at the thrifts :)

  6. @DianeCruz Unfortunately, no. I wish!

    @Spinner's End Definitely!

    @Amanda & @Sandi Thanks, ladies!


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