vintage halloween costume ideas.

I'll be honest, all of these pictures were taken because my sister is a hilarious model..not because I planned on doing a "Halloween costumes" post. It works though, right?

First up is Cleopatra..or some miscellaneous goddess? Erica is wearing this vintage dress from the shop with a brown belt, gold chain headband, and a floral headpiece in her hands like a bowl. Add some heavy eye makeup and gold sandals, and it screams "Grecian babe" to me. You can make this work in so many ways!

Vintage Halloween Costume Ideas

For the next costume, I see Erica as some sort of witchy Salem townswomen..or the girl from "The Ring," maybe? She's wearing this vintage maxi dress and she's holding a "lantern" (actually this coin bank). Maybe she's just really good at looking creepy, but I think this is a fantastic and simple costume idea.

Vintage Halloween Costume Ideas

Doubles, anyone? Here Erica models this bathing suit and plays tennis (badminton?) with her friends! She's like Malibu Hamptons Barbie Teresa!

Vintage Halloween Costume Ideas

Finally, fly in style with this brand-new-to-the-shop vintage dress. Airplane travel would be way less fun without ladies (and gents) like this one serving us peanuts and booze, am I right? With the recent premiere of "Pam Am" with Christina Ricci, this costume idea would be so topical and fun. This also doubles as a sexy Joan Holloway-type outfit if you'd like to go with the less-topical "Mad Men" route. The choice is yours.

Vintage Halloween Costume Ideas


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