cropped shirt, meet maxi dress.

This outfit is a bit of an unusual experimentation for me, but I'm satisfied with the results. I like the contrast of the cropped shirt and maxi dress, as well as the pink against the grey. Today was full of list-making. As I mentioned yesterday, Frank will be away on tour for a while, and I just found out the I will have Wednesday and Thursday off from my internship, which means I will have lots of time to myself. Needless to say, I'm so excited to start doing all of the things that I've been putting off. Here's hoping I actually get a lot done!

June 10th Daily Outfit
dress: Forever 21 | crop top: from my internship
earrings: inpink, via a gift card from TxSC | sandals: vintage, via Goodwill
June 10th Daily OutfitJune 10th Daily Outfit
June 10th Daily Outfit
June 10th Daily Outfit
June 10th Daily Outfit


  1. The lace on the back of the shirt is lovely. I really like this outfit :)
    Knit, Nicole, Knit!


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