some Disney love.


A. How fierce is Ms. Jolie in this shot of her as Maleficent? The movie "Maleficent," a re-imagining of "Sleeping Beauty" told from the witch's point of view à la "Wicked," won't be released for a while, but this has certainly whetted my appetite. And I don't even really like Angelina Jolie! (Image via; edited by me.)


B. These two trailers. "Monsters University" and "Wreck It Ralph" are two new flicks that I cant wait for. Sully is using a Polaroid! I love it!

C. How cute is this illustration of Merida from "Brave"? I'm hoping to see it this weekend, though I read some poor reviews. :( Click the image for the source.

Kawaii Merida - Brave



  1. I don't like Angelina Jolie either, but I love Sleeping Beauty, so I will probably have to see Maleficent as soon as it comes out :)


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