a knit nicole knit sale!

My sponsor and pal Nicole (from Knit Nicole Knit) is having a sale in her shop! Her dog, Winston, needed to have surgery and she's offering 25% off everything in her shop to help pay for it. From her blog..

This surgery is expensive, between $800 and $1200 and we just don't have the funds to cover it all right now. If you would like to help us cover his surgery, I will be eternally grateful. If you use the code ForWinston in my Etsy shop, you will get 25% off your entire purchase, including the winter wear I recently marked down. Every penny from my shop will go towards paying for this surgery for the next month, or until his surgery is fully paid for.
If there isn't anything in the shop that you like, please just share this with anyone you can. He's such a good dog, we can't let him suffer anymore than he already has. His wrinkly face is just too adorable.
Look at that sweet face! Please go check out Nicole's shop and help fund Winston's surgery if you can! Have a great day, friends! :)