shop crush • Faces and Faces

My pal Nicole from Coco Maria recently opened up a new Etsy shop, Faces and Faces, and really -- how freaking cute is it? Seriously, go look. I asked Nicole a few questions about the shop, and I'd like to share her answers with you here. Thank you, Nicole! :)

Her inspiration: The reason I started this shop was probably just because I wanted to a way to be creative. I generally channel my creativity into writing, but I've been struggling with it a lot lately. I still wanted a way to be creative and make something, though. I decided to start making little felt author figures, not only because I am a crazy person, but because I love literature too (but probably mostly because I'm a crazy person). And as I was finishing up Edgar Allan Poe's facial features, I thought it would be cool to stop where I was and make face brooches instead of figures, this way I (and others) could wear my favorite authors around. Thus, Faces and Faces was born (though it certainly took me way too long to name the store).

Sylvia Plath Brooch

The product development:
Each brooch is made to order, which makes it unique. I spend what is probably too much time working on each brooch, trying to make it look as much like the author and the Etsy photo as possible.

Allen Ginsberg Brooch

Her favorite author to read and to create:
My favorite author is probably Kurt Vonnegut (though I love so many), but he's definitely not my favorite brooch to make, haha! Getting his brow furrow and mouth just right is super frustrating. Poe is probably my favorite brooch to make, which is fortunate since he also seems to be the most popular.

Walt Whitman Brooch