nautical blues.

Not much to talk about today except I love this crazy bangle from Inpink, and although it doesn't really match with my blouse, I wore it anyway! Also, I still can't get over how much I downright adore my new glasses. P.S. Click over to the collection of accessories giveaway and see if you're the winner!

June 25th Daily Outfit

what I'm wearing • blouse: vintage, via Goodwill | jeans: Gap | moccasins: Minnetonka, via Goodwill
glasses: Derek Cardigan via | satchel: Adventurer Vintage | bracelet: Inpink, via a gift card from TxSC

June 25th Daily Outfit
June 25th Daily Outfit
June 25th Daily Outfit
June 25th Daily Outfit


  1. I love your new glasses, too! They look so good on you :)


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