A Wild Tonic's May Favorites!

Inspired by the darling DailyGrace's "Sexist" series, A Wild Tonic's Favorites is a list of things that I've been loving this month.

• The number one thing on my May Favorites is planning. I mentioned a few days ago that big projects have taken over my life and I want nothing to do with day-to-day tasks anymore. It's still true. I have another big project on my hands and I can't wait to get started. Hopefully you guys will see some of it next week!

• How darn cute is my flash drive? Tiny matryoshka doll, thank you for storing my files safely.
A Wild Tonic's May Favorites!

• Cage rings. That's what I call them; I don't know what they are actually called.
A Wild Tonic's May Favorites!
A Wild Tonic's May Favorites!

• This old "Alice in Wonderland" videodisc. Not sure how to play it, not even sure if the player still exists. I might just hang this up on a wall.
A Wild Tonic's May Favorites!

• Speaking of Disney things, I've been bitten by the Diz bug again. This is mostly due to my friend Adam going last weekend and tagging me in all his photos. I would love to go back again for Food and Wine Festival in October, but that is a definite maybe. For now, I use this "Mouse World Radio" app to listen to ride music and pretend I'm there.
A Wild Tonic's May Favorites!

• One last thing about Diz, I love this post from Drea at ohdeardrea from her family's trip to Disney World. Such sweet photos!

• I got this candle at Target, and I'm not sure what I love more--the scent or the graphic design on the label. I kinda can't wait for the candle to finish burning because I'm going to use the jar for something else.
A Wild Tonic's May Favorites!

• Three words--leftover Easter candy. Yes, still. Stale Peeps are the best. The staler the better!
A Wild Tonic's May Favorites!

• This dead Sharpie.
A Wild Tonic's May Favorites!

• Happy mail days/incoming Impossible film.
A Wild Tonic's May Favorites!

• Thai dates with Frank.
A Wild Tonic's May Favorites!

• Getting the pool cleared up for summer! Finally!
A Wild Tonic's May Favorites!

• Other noteworthy things: Frank and I celebrated four years together, I bought my mom and Frank's mom the best Mother's Day gifts in town, and my baby sister graduated college!

Don't forget to enter to win a print from the new Wanderlust Print Co! Heidi won the last print giveaway I had, and she gave me a shoutout on her blog, so I'm returning the love. Thanks, Heidi! Hope you love the print! :)


  1. Hi! I just stumbled upon your blog while browsing and wanted to say that I'm your newest follower! I love your Etsy shop, too!! :)

    <3 Kelsey
    Be Like The Fox

    1. Thank you, Kelsey! Off to check out your blog/shop, too. :)


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