Summer 2013 Goals!

Summer 2013 Goals.

Save money/do as many free activities as possible
I've got lots of big plans for the future and most of them cost money. That means this summer has to be cheap. Ideas: fleas, exploring different towns in Jersey, reading, fairs and carnivals, pool hangs, beach hangs, driving around listening to music. Perfect. Any other suggestions?

Go to the beach
See above. Also, last summer I spent almost all of daylight indoors. Specifically on weekends when my friends were doing fun things. I miss the shore.

Flea markets
Also see above! I want to attend fleas as both a buyer and a seller. Maybe!

Texas Style Council: Summer School. I'm so ready to hang out with blogger pals, make new friends, learn new things, and explore Austin when it isn't freezing and raining. ;)

Don't complain about the heat
I hate sweating. But I hate the frigid winter more. Frank and I made a promise that we won't complain out loud about the heat even once this summer. Bring it on, Sun!

Work outside
This has two meanings. Work on A Wild Tonic things while sitting outside drinking fruity cocktails and/or beer. Also, work in the yard. Gardening, mowing, building stuff, etc. Anything that gets me grimy and makes my muscles hurt the next day. LOVE that crap.

Sell or donate everything
Minimalist is the way to be, man.

What are your goals? Tell me so I can borrow them! ;)


  1. You are SO lucky to live near the beach! I wish I could spend my summer days that way. I live in Phoenix and made a pact 5 years ago to not complain about the heat ALL SUMMER. I have kept it up every year since and it totally helps you not think about it as much. These are great summer goals!

    1. Good to know! Though Phoenix is lovely, I think. I suppose the grass is always greener, right? :)


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