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When I started making prints in March of 2011, I wasn't sure where the print shop was going to go. I wasn't even sure if anyone would like my prints. All I knew was that I really loved what I was doing and I was proud of my work. I never thought so many people would like my prints as much as I do. When I was planning the print shop, I debated whether I should open a separate shop or just list the prints alongside my vintage. I ended up listing them in A Wild Tonic, and it worked fairly well. Today is the day, however, that the print shop finally gets it's own home! Introducing Wanderlust Print Co!

Right now, the Wanderlust Print Co shop is full of brand new map prints. The older prints can still be found in the Wanderlust Print section of A Wild Tonic until they expire and I move them to the new shop. Also remember that custom quotes are always available.

Each print is completely unique as they are printed right on the map paper! I had the idea one day when my dad was cleaning out his car and found some old maps. I feel like not many people use paper maps anymore in this age of GPSs and map apps on our phones. Instead of throwing his maps into recycling, I decided to start the print shop. I LOVE traveling and having new experiences, and my prints are a celebration of the wanderlust spirit.

Please, go check out the new shop. Tell all of your friends, share it on social media (WPC can be found on Instagram and Twitter, too!), and maybe give an item a heart. Thank you all so much for your support and encouragement. Check back here later today for a giveaway. ♥


  1. Those are fantastic prints! It would be fun to have a bunch of them all framed and hung on a wall together! Great work!

  2. Congratulations on your new shop, Lauren! Go you!

  3. Yay! Congrats! I love your prints (obvi) and I'm so happy you took them to the next level!


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