Woo, what a weekend! Did you guys have a fun MDW? I sure did. On Saturday, Frank and I worked on shop plans and big dreams and all that. Sunday was a BBQ at our friend Kate's house. There was a dog and some whiskey and some sparklers. Monday was a BBQ at our friend Joe's house. There was incredible food and a different dog and lots of gin. I did cartwheels with Kate's daughter for about ten minutes and my body is still hurting. Oh, Father Time, you bastard. I also took a bunch of drunk Polaroids which I should upload and share, but then again maybe I shouldn't. Yesterday was a bit of a detox/recuperation day and now here I am at 10AM on a Wednesday, ready to start my week. Ha!

I realized that lately I'm better at working on bigger projects than smaller, everyday tasks. This is very unusual for me. I love, or rather "loved" doing what I call robot work. Menial tasks used to be my jam. Now it seems that my brain won't focus on any of my day-to-day things, and instead I'm dreaming up big projects that will take days or weeks to complete. Maybe it's due to the fact that I finally got my table and medicine cabinet (post on that coming soon) projects finished successfully, and I'm hungry for more? That must be it. Anyway, I'm off to try to get some day-to-day things taken care of. Wish me luck, please!

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