I'm Growing Legs.

I'm Growing Legs.
I'm Growing Legs.
I'm Growing Legs.
I'm Growing Legs.
I'm Growing Legs.
I'm Growing Legs.
I'm Growing Legs.

Last weekend was awesome. So awesome in fact, that it seems like it just ended. Meanwhile, it's already almost next weekend. Time has been strange lately. Anyway, this outfit seemed to work perfectly for me. Last Sunday, I was supposed to go to a clothing swap at a friend's in Brooklyn. She ended up canceling the event, but while preparing for it, I found this shirt in a pile that I was hanging on to for swaps/donation. I thought to myself, "Are you crazy? This shirt is awesome and so comfortable!" and back in the closet it went. The shoes were an impulse buy at Target a while back, and they've been sitting on my DIY shoe display for months. I think I'd only worn them twice and was getting ready to give them up too. Then one of them literally fell off the wall yesterday, seemingly yelling "HEY. WEAR ME. IDIOT!" I realized that the pink of the soles almost perfectly matched the pink stripes on the shirt, so I chalked it up to kismet and got dressed. Works perfectly, right? ;)

The title of this post has a few meanings. First, it's a quote from "Spidersong" by Say Anything, a song that my friend Kat (who visited last weekend) and I love. It was so great to spend time with her, hanging out and driving around listening to screaming along with our favorite songs.

The title also is a nod to a recent foot injury I've suffered. Guys--I never get hurt (knock wood) because I rarely do any physical activity. So when I hurt my foot on Friday, you would've thought something terrible happened. In reality? Nope, just Lauren being a huge baby. Long story short--and get ready to laugh--I was sitting on my foot until unbeknownst to me, it fell asleep. I jumped up out of my chair to run in my room and avoid someone who was coming into my house, and rolled my sleeping ankle hard. Now, almost a week later, I'm pretty sure it's okay. It hurts a bit every now and then, but what's worse than the physical pain is the embarrassment. Every step I take, I'm reminded of what a huge baby I am.

Finally the title of this post is a little introspective. I've been mentioning, hinting at, and announcing lots of changes here lately. The new shop inventory was (and still is) a huge project for me. I'm almost done with my new office desk, which I think will help my productivity immensely. I'm taking steps toward (finally?) moving out of my parents house. Springtime always brings these kinds of feelings, and for once I feel like I'm growing legs and making changes happen. So many things have made their way from "long term goals" to "current to-dos" to DONE, and I feel incredible. Here's hoping this keeps up for a long while. Thank you all for reading, commenting, tweeting, emailing, and generally being awesome and helping me do what I love. Really, truly, thank you.

shirt: H&M (old)
tank (even though you can't see it): Nordstrom (old)
jeans: Gap
glasses: Tumbleweeds Handcraft
ring: Francesca's Collections
shoes: Target
purse: vintage Coach


  1. Fact about me: I laugh so hard every time I see a person fall. Never fails. So it's a good thing I wasn't at your house when you fell... haha. Glad you are feeling better! Love your outfit :)

    1. You would still be laughing, Sierra. It was that bad. D:


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