How to Wear Vintage • To the Fair!

How to Wear Vintage • To the Fair!

This is what I would be wearing to the fair today, if all these pieces fit me. Alas, they don't (but maybe they fit you? Wink.) Frank and I are going to the Middlesex County Fair today. This is the first time we're going during the day, so it should be fun to see how different it looks without all the glowy lights. We have to make sure we're home in time for "Breaking Bad" though! Anyone else watching?

Vintage Flower Pin - Hot Pink and Gold Enamel Brooch
Vintage Woven Beach Bag
Vintage Cowboy Boots - Cream Leather Boots - Nocona, Texas
Vintage Blouse - Pale Yellow with Cut-Out Pattern Collar, Faux Pearl Buttons
Jean Short Cutoffs - Abercrombie and Fitch Denim Cut Offs - Size 6

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