Souvenirs from Italy.

Souvenirs from Italy.

Earlier this summer, my uncle went on a big trip to Italy. I wasn't expecting any souvenirs, but surprise! We got some. My sister and I each got variations of the same 3 items. First is this awesome leather coin purse, stamped "Firenze Italia" in gold leaf, with the most unique opening mechanism I've ever seen. We almost broke it trying to figure it out! Next is a set of rosary beads with Pope Francis on the case. The beads are apparently from the Amazon (or something) and smell like roses. I'm not very religious, but I think these presents are very sweet! Especially because the last souvenir is a beaded bracelet from the church in my grandmother's hometown. So thoughtful. I know you don't read my blog, but thanks Uncle Carmine! ♥


  1. Sweet gifts! I love rosary's. Whenever I get the chance to visit a foreign country, I try to take one with me as a souvenir.

    1. That is a sweet idea! I'm sure you have a great collection. :)


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