TxSC Recap.

TxSC Recap.
Photo from Moorea's blog!

I'm back with my last post about Texas Style Council. I decided to do this post as a list, and everything you read below is exactly how I wrote it in my notebook. Be warned, a lot of this might sound like common sense, but sometimes even the simplest, most basic advice can be mind-blowing when heard in the right context. Hope you enjoy!

Jenni from Story of my Life
• "The worst enemy to creativity is self-doubt." -- Sylvia Plath

Eric and Kelsey of Words of Williams
• Live within your means

Elsie and Emma of A Beautiful Mess
• Try everything once
• "Dreams" can change

Katie from Skunkboy
• Consider the reality and worth of sharing photos
• Listen to constructive criticism

Amy of Little Hip Squeaks
• Be a memorable and unique brand
• Work more with bloggers
• Have recognizable photography style, so people can tell a photo is yours before reading it's yours
• Keep a planner with seasonal goals
• "Do what you do best and outsource the rest!"
Sorry to be a fangirl, but Amy was probably my favorite speaker at TxSC. She seemed either nervous or just upset that her PowerPoint wasn't working, and so she kinda opened the floor to any/all questions. There was a really great back-and-forth between everyone, and I learned so much. Big ups to Amy. ♥

Julie Edmonson
• Negativity breeds negativity
• Let yourself be stagnant but for a set amount of time

Kendi of Kendi Everyday
• Comfort in mistakes

All in all, I learned that I need to work harder, set goals (even if I don't reach them), and be creative. I also had a nice, long weekend with old and new friends in beautiful Austin. Can't wait til next year. :)


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