Six Must-Do Late-Summer Adventures + the Sandals to Match!

Six Must-Do Late-Summer Adventures + the Sandals to Match!

It's almost the third weekend in August, back-to-school ads are all over the TV, and a Halloween costume store is opening near my house. Even though autumn doesn't begin until late-September, everyone seems to be chasing summer away. If you're like me, you're sitting here thinking, "Where did summer go?" and "I had so many plans for the warm-weather months and now I feel like I blew my chances!" Fear not! You still have a solid month of sunshiny fun ahead of you. Today I'm partnering with to showcase some awesome summer footwear, paired with activities you can't forget to do before the frosty darkness comes rushing in.

1 • where: COUNTY FAIRS/CARNIVALS wear: Moonlight Palms
It wasn't a real summer if you didn't attend a county fair! These sandals are really cute and comfortable for lots of walking. Also, it's a good idea to wear shoes that won't fall off your feet when riding all those crazy rides (if you're brave enough, that is). Have some funnel cake for me!

2 • where: OUTDOOR CONCERTS wear: Reef Bright Nights
Same as above, always a good idea to wear sandals that will stay put. Then you can dance, jump, crowd-surf, stage-dive, or whatever else strikes your fancy without worrying about walking home barefoot. This pair is simple and classic.

3 • where: DINNER DATE AT THE DRIVE-IN wear: Stargazer
Drive-in instructions: Pull up to your spot. Park the car. Walk to the counter. Buy large amounts of snack foods. Walk back to the car without spilling anything. Cheer to the stomach aches you'll likely get later and wolf it all down before the movie starts. Then slide back your seat, kick off these pretty, glitzy flip-flops, and enjoy the flick.

4 • where: BEACH DAYS/NIGHTS wear: Skinny J-Bay
This one is easy. Get to a beach. Otherwise come January, you'll regret it! The Skinny J-Bays are perfect for the beach. Nothing fancy, just classic and comfortable flip flops.

5 • where: BONFIRES/FIRE PITS wear: Mallory Scrunch
There's nothing like the feeling of sitting around a fire pit, especially on the really cool summer nights. Grab some beer (or pop if you're illegal), iPod speakers, and s'mores supplies. Wear these pretty sandals in case the party is a little less-laid back that you thought. You don't want to be under-dressed, even at a bonfire.

6 • where: STREET FAIRS/FOOD TRUCKS wear: Paper Crochet
When I was in Austin last year for Texas Style Council, the only thing I wanted to do that I didn't get a chance to do was go to the food trucks. It was cold and rainy the whole time, so I didn't get to go to a single one. When I went back to Austin in early August, I was determined to make that dream a reality. And guess what--I didn't! I was way too busy with conference things. So now I can wait until the next time I'm in Austin, or try to find some around here in New Jersey. These shoes would be perfect for walking from truck to truck or booth to booth. They're so cute, too. You'll definitely get some compliments.

I'm going to try to do all these things on my list before summer is over. What about you? Is there anything that I missed?

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