How to Wear Vintage • Feels Like Fall.

How to Wear Vintage • Feels Like Fall.

I'm not trying to be one of those OMG AUTUMN bloggers, I swear. I like summer just fine, and I know it's not over until late September. However, it really does feel like fall outside. I'm fully prepared to enjoy these last few summer weeks of summer, but for this week's HTWV post I'm getting a little excited for cooler weather. How cool is this jacket, guys? Answer: so cool.

Vintage Plum Dress - Purple Tank Dress - Size 10P - Lord and Taylor
Vintage Earrings - Small Black Ball Studs
Vintage Geometric Print Jacket
Vintage Black Heels with Sparkly Rhinestone Starburst Design - Jennifer Moore - Size 6.5 - Deadstock

Don't forget to check out the $10 clearance section! ⚓

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