current obsession: organization and inspiration.

I truly love the community I've found through my blog, Etsy shop, and Twitter for a ton of reasons--one reason specifically is the endless sources of inspiration I come across every single day. Very recently, I've found so many inspiring things that I'd like to share with my readers! Please leave more inspiration in the comments if you'd like!

First off--I am so in love with the ladies from Oh So Lovely and Little Chief Honeybee. Erin and Stefanie of Oh So Lovely have an amazing retro trailer named Olive from which they sell beautiful vintage, and Kaelah of Little Chief Honeybee is in the process of starting a shop in her new Shasta! This (and a brick & mortar shop) is something I would LOVE to do sometime in the future. They make it look so easy, though I'm sure it's very hard work. I will be planning and planning for this for a long time. (Images via each of their blogs!)

I also stumbled upon this video from Refinery 29. Get a look at this woman's workspace. Unreal! I'd love to operate an online business of that size.

LINDAS STUFF REFINERY 29 from Ian Soroka on Vimeo.

Finally, I loved this post from Anna at Olive Green Anna about how she organized all of her important paperwork. This is definitely a high-priority on the good old to-do list! (Images via her blog!)

Unfortunately (well actually, fortunately), I have a really busy and fun-filled weekend ahead of me, so I won't be able to work on any new projects til Sunday night or Monday. Until then! Have a wonderful weekend, folks!

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  1. My husband and I have been after either an old canned ham trailer or shasta for the longest time. Sadly, a few months back, we were offered one for free and just had no way to trailer it on short notice. So, this coming March we're purchasing a truck. Then the hunt is on. Thanks for the new blog links. I'm following both now!

  2. I love Oh So as well...they are so freaking cute!

  3. HAHA. i love that "important shit" we are long lost soul mates!

  4. Wonderful little post.

    Thanks for the feature. I am still referring to it as my "Important shit" folder which is bad. I need to use its rightful name.

    thanks lovely lady!




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