tonic tuesday 8/30: clean-up.

Hey folks! Sorry for the delayed tonic tuesday post, but the last two days have been just a whirl of wind! My mom's (and my former) office is still without power since Irene, so she's been home with me and we've been working on cleaning the entire house! I know that might not sound ideal to some people, but I love it! We've worked on the yard, basement, and dining room so far. Today's tt collection is a bunch of vintage items all related to the art of cleaning! Click through to go to the Etsy listing.

Vintage Whisk Brooms and Vintage Dust Pan from AloofNewfWhimsy

vintage storage box from experimentalvintage

Ostrich Feather Duster - First Quality - Great for Dusting Fine Furniture, Pianos or Instruments - Old Stock from myatticstreasures

Wry humor decorative plate for the unrepentant housekeeper from RecentHistory

Bundle of Wooden Doll Pegs from PRETTYrubbish

cottage red divided laundry cart from AMradio

Vintage Floral Desk Organizer and Mail Sorter. from funretro


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