tonic tuesday 8/16: statement necklaces.

This week's tonic tuesday is all about making a statement with statement necklaces! There is seriously no better way to jazz up an outfit than with one of these babies. I'm posting them in order of most neutral to most outrageous. Which one is most your style? Click through to go to the Etsy listing.

1970s necklace : blue & white pendant . chain . from archiveschicago

Vintage 70s SEASHELL Pendant Necklace from bluebutterflyvintage

Beachy necklace from salvagehouse

vintage wood necklace / Walnut Drop Beads from DearGoldenVintage

15% sale Vintage 1980's Bright Necklace from wildfellhallvintage

SHOW STOPPER Black and Multi-Color Flat Bead and Shell Statement Necklace - Pink, Red, Purple, Blue, Yellow - Vintage from awildtonic

vintage celluloid necklace / 1930s jewelry / GRAY POPPY from jeanjeanvintage

vintage . TRIBAL . necklace . ten . strand . wooden . bead from NikitaJade


  1. I LOVE that blue one. I saw when you added it to your favs through Etsy activity feed and immediately started to drool. That beach one is pretty stupendous, too.

  2. such a gorgeous collection! i would die for that black tribal number.

    thanks for including my necklace!!! :D

  3. Gorgeous collection!! I love statement necklaces - you can never have too many, because they make even plain tees look perfect!!

  4. I like the third one a lot. I feel like I could wear it with a bunch of different things!


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