sweet sunday.

Some sweet things:

1. I'm seriously obsessed with this DIY from Design Sponge. They call it a "Vintage Book Travel-Tech Organizer." I call it a dream. I wonder if I can have one made by my trip to Florida in October. I might have to stop by the local library book sale soon!


2. Is it wrong that I'm already thinking about not only my birthday (9/15), but Christmas gifts, too? Maybe so, but I have to say that I need this Custom Watercolour Pop Portrait for me and Frank. I already own a Pop Pop Portrait and it's adorable, but now I want one of my own!


3. How cool is this video? It must have been hard work finding movie lines that rhyme so perfectly!

4. This print is beautiful. I'll take one, thanks!


5. I have a serious love for anatomical tattoos. I have an anatomical heart on my side! I love this sweet tattoo of a spine on the back of this person's neck!


6. I bought a Polaroid Impulse at Goodwill on Monday and ordered some film from the Impossible Project immediately thereafter. So excited to work with it!

7. Sweet fruit which I am seriously craving.


8. My love of mobile homes just skyrocketed!


9. "Tangled" is on Netflix Instant and since I'm such a Disney geek, I obviously watched it about five times. Of course it's adorable, and I definitely recommend it if you're a nerd like me! Also, Rapunzel is into the handmade movement! Look at this dress she made for her chameleon friend, Pascal! ;)


10. I need this sweet bustier or something similar as soon as possible!



  1. I have been wanting an anatomical tattoo for a while...or any other tattoo lately.


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