stranded at the drive-in.

Delsea Drive-In

A few weeks ago, Frank and I went to the Delsea Drive-In in Vineland, NJ. It was so fun! They had two screens and each screen plays two movies a night--a double feature! We saw the last "Harry Potter" and half of "Horrible Bosses" before we got too tired (the theater was about two hours away, the movies started at 9 PM, and Frank had work the next day). It was also drizzling, but that didn't stop our fun. I was so stoked on the snack bar because there was a ton of stuff and it was all fairly priced. Typical Lauren! I really want to go again before summer's over!

Delsea Drive-In

Delsea Drive-In


  1. We have one near us too that always shows a doube. We should go again..its been almost 2 years!


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