let's get minimal • part one: organization of electronics

Let's Get Minimal

Welcome to "Let's Get Minimal," a new feature on the A Wild Tonic blog! I'm a bit obsessed with minimalization, so I thought I'd share some tips with my readers on how to live a simplified life. If you have any feedback or would like tips on a specific subject email me at awildtonic@gmail.com

• Gather up all the chargers, cables, wires, adapters, and anything else like that which you use the most frequently. Use plain old rubber bands to wrap them up, label them (if you need to), and put them in an easy to reach container. Leaving your chargers plugged in when not in use wastes energy, and now you'll never be running around frantically searching for your cell charger!

Let's Get Minimal Part 1

• Have old cell phones sitting around? Donate them! Many libraries and other organizations collect cell phones for those who might need them. Minimalize your things and help someone in need. Win/win! Make sure to clear out all your data first, just in case, then drop them off.

Let's Get Minimal Part 1

• Throw away any boxes that you don't need anymore. Sometimes boxes should be kept for warranty/rebate purposes, but if not--ditch it! Recycle if you can. Think of all the space you'll be saving.

Let's Get Minimal Part 1