sweet sunday.

Some sweet things:

1. I'm loving this sweet "girl cave" from Wayward Daughter. So many pretty things and lots of inspiration over there.


2. One of the reasons I really wish I had my own apartment is so I can own and actually use awesome plates, glasses, and other housewares. I have boxes full of stuff in the basement just waiting to be used. I'd love to add this sweet "Stop and Smell the Roses" apron to the collection!


3. Speaking of apartment-things that I'd love..how incredibly sweet is this door mat? From one direction it says "Come in" and from the other is says "Go Away"! Amazing!


4. Frank and I are going to Disney World in Florida in mid-October! I'm stoked because Florida in October is gorgeous, plus we'll be there for the Food & Wine festival and Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween Party! We've been trying to think of good costumes for the party. Any suggestions? So far we're thinking Mary Poppins and Bert or Carl and Ellie!

source and source.

5. I adore this photo so hard.

Feeling nostalgic...

6. I was beyond excited to find my sweet old View-Master in my basement a few nights ago. I'm going to work on building my reel collection. Feel free to send some my way!

7. How awesome is this dress remix from Mooreaseal? I admire her creativity; those looks are fab!


8. Sweet red velvet cupcakes were all I wanted today. I didn't get any, but maybe I'll bake some tomorrow..


9. I need this sweet Vintage Hand Made Lidded Wood Box from havenvintage.


10. I love these "Outfit ideas to get you out of a rut" from Dream & Dress!



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