to-day to-dos.

  • list about a million vintage items in the shop
  • convo some buyers who needed information since before the hurricane
  • set up a listing for a friend who's buying a vintage coach satchel from me
  • get my personal and shop email inboxes down to zero
  • comment on treasuries the shop has been featured in within the last few days
  • wrap up the sponsorship giveaway that ends today
  • do so much laundry
  • catch up on my blog reader
  • and about 500 other things..

What's on your to-do list today? :)

ps. Check out my new giveaway over at Tick Tock Vintage!


  1. My list is ridiculous every day - I hate laundry! It's on my list too.

  2. My to-do list is laughably long at this point. Between working on songs for my band's upcoming show, tackling the mountains of dishes and laundry that are swallowing my apartment whole, and long-overdue grocery shopping, today is going to be one heck of a marathon. Good luck with your list!

  3. I dont even know what's on my list anymore...that's how much is on my list!


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