wednesday the third.

I love any time "Wednesday the 3rd" rolls around because it's the title of a Saves the Day song. Does that make me a nerd? Possibly. Probably. I don't even particularly like the song! Anyway, today was a crazy busy day for me, and I did almost no shop/blog related work, which is really unusual. Instead, my sister and I ran (seemingly one million) errands. We got an oil change and car wash, went to the post office, went to Target for storage bins and a new desk for the family living room, paid a bill for our parents, went to the library and the gas station, returned something to Staples, came home and ate lunch, set up the aforementioned desk, and cleaned the whole house like madwomen. I'm about to pass out, though I have to catch up on Google Reader and Tumblr first. Regardless of when I actually fall asleep, I'm going to sleep like a baby. We'll be back tomorrow with our regularly scheduled programing.

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  1. WOW what an eventful day! I seriously need to get mah shit together hahaha but on my birthday week, yeah... not happening! lol



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